Ziranmen is a Chinese martial art classified among the northern martial arts of China. It is an ‘internal’ martial art, focusing on working with the body’s internal processes. Ziranmen translates to ‘Nature,’ reflecting the school’s emphasis on effective and efficient natural movements. Unlike many martial arts or combat sports that rely on predefined techniques, Ziranmen favors principles over rigid forms, making it a unique and adaptable martial art.

Chinese martial arts are incredibly diverse, with countless styles, sub-styles, and family styles. Some have gained global popularity, while others remain lesser-known, practiced by only a few and passed down to even fewer. Ziranmen is one of these rare styles, embodying a deep connection to the natural flow and efficiency of movement.


Teachers of Ziranmen

Teachers of Ziranmen


Our dedicated team of Teachers brings the profound Art of Ziranmen to life in various cities. We proudly offer in-person training in Berlin, Leipzig, Kassel, Bad  Gandersheim, Aachen, Saarbrücken,  Zürich and Toronto. Each location is staffed with experienced teachers committed to guiding students on their martial arts journey. Join us in any of these cities to explore the depth and beauty of Ziranmen.

Alain Thierry


Alain is a dedicated martial arts practitioner and instructor with expertise in Chen Style Taiji Quan, Xingyi Quan, and Shuaijiao. With his strong foundation he is teaching Ziranmen and Qigong in Berlin.

Thomas Diesner


Thomas is an experienced practitioner  in Taiji Quan, Xing Yi Quan, Liuhe Bafa, and Baji Quan. With his profound knowledge he  teaches Ziranmen in Berlin.


Benjamin Soubeille


Benjamin is a passionate practitioner of Chinese Martial Arts, with experience  in Taiji Quan, Tanglang Quan (Mantis Boxing), and Xing Yi Quan. He is teaching Ziranmen and Boxing in Berlin.

Philippe Lamperti


Philippe combines a rich experience in meditation practices and Chinese martial arts, and he currently teaches Ziranmen in Berlin.

Thomas Kalb


Thomas is a multi-talented individual skilled in craftsmanship, meditation, and Chinese martial arts, teaching Ziranmen, Taiji Quan, Qigong, and meditation practices in Leipzig..

Harald Kühn


Harald, experienced in Chen Style Taiji Quan and with deep expertise in Xingyi Quan, teaches Ziranmen and Qigong in the region of Hildesheim.

Oliver Gerets


Oliver, experienced in various martial arts, is currently teaching Ziranmen in the region of Aachen.

Patrik Muther


Patrik, with a long history in Chinese martial arts and as an experienced practitioner of traditional Chinese medicine, teaches Ziranmen in Zürich and also runs a practice for traditional Chinese medicine there.

Jason Chiu


Jason, an experienced practitioner of Wu Style Taiji Quan, leads a Ziranmen group in Toronto, Canada.

Naseem Raufi


Naseem is experienced in a variety of Chinese martial arts, showcasing a broad skill set.  He is the leading instructor for Ziranmen outside of China. Additionally, Naseem has the honor of being the tudi disciple of Yu Guangde Shifu, a testament to his dedication and skill.

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Whats going on

Ziranmen Online

The decision to teach a Chinese martial art online was not an easy one. To be honest, it took me four years to accumulate enough material and experience in online teaching. What I’ve found is that it makes little sense to just provide context-free instructions or videos for everyone to pick and choose as they please. What’s needed is careful guidance and instruction from the teacher. But above all, as a teacher, I need to listen and understand how you’re receiving and interpreting the content, making this online course very personal. The focus of this course will be Ziranmen, a Chinese martial art that, like Taiji Quan, Bagua Zhang, and Xingyi Quan, belongs to the so-called internal styles. Although Ziranmen may appear extremely simple to learn at first glance, don’t be fooled. I want to be upfront: the skills are difficult to acquire, and the exercises are demanding both physically and mentally. However, they are designed to be simple enough to easily integrate into your daily routine. About the lessons: Most of the exercises I will provide will be personalized videos and content based on the group’s questions and level. Each group will consist of a maximum of 15 participants, and a new training video will be uploaded every week. This way, your training library will grow continuously without overwhelming you with content. Registration is through Patreon, and then through the “Gongfu Professional” tier. Additionally, there will be a Q&A session included in the course on every first Friday of the month. These sessions offer you the opportunity to ask questions, clear up any uncertainties, and receive direct feedback. It’s an excellent way to personalize the online instruction and ensure you’re getting the most out of the course. What I won’t be doing here: Content about traditional medicine, deep Daoist philosophy, magic, and energetics will not be part of my teachings. This doesn’t mean that I consider traditional Chinese medicine to be useless or Daoism unimportant. I have my own beliefs in these areas, and part of that is my decision not to teach them. I’m looking forward to guiding you on this exciting journey!

Since October, we have an online program which we offer through Patreon. It has been very successful and in January 2023 we will offer a new course for interested parties. To sign up, follow the link

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